European Science Editing 48: e90552, doi: 10.3897/ese.2022.e90552
Should editors-in-chief publish in their own journals? ‘Publish elsewhere’ is not a solution
expand article infoSalim Moussa
‡ University of Gafsa, Gafsa, Tunisia
Open Access

The question of should editors-in-chief (EICs) publish in their own journals has been hotly debated in academic spheres. Some authors have recommended that EICs should refrain from publishing articles in their own journals. They advocate for a ‘publish elsewhere’ solution. For EICs and journals, a ‘publish elsewhere’ solution is unjust, unfair, inadequate, and counterproductive. For manuscripts (co) authored by EICs, an alternative solution is to use an open peer review procedure in which reviewers’ comments are made public alongside EICs/authors’ responses. An open peer review procedure should make the submission and acceptance dates, the number of revision rounds that EICs’ articles went through, and the identities of handling editors available to readers and the general public.

Editors-in-chief, ethics, open peer review, self-publishing