European Science Editing 46: e60083, doi: 10.3897/ese.2020.e60083
Help scientists save time for research by minimizing editorial requirements for initial manuscript submission
expand article infoSylwia Ufnalska
‡ EASE Council member, POZNAŃ, Poland
Open Access

The new EASE campaign, aimed at further simplification of submission processes in science journals by means of an improved version 3.1 of the EASE Quick-Check Table, is now promoted worlwide. Volunteers  have already translated the table into Dutch, German, Korean, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Turkish, while Bosnian and Polish translations will be finished soon. Volunteers who would like to translate the English version into other languages should first contact EASE Secretary to avoid duplication. We hope that our new campaign will help to increase the efficiency of scientific communication worldwide, which is crucial now. The initial extra effort of journal editors is worth it, as the optimization of manuscript submission is likely to minimize the number of manuscript revisions and may also aid in limiting the spread of COVID-19, thanks to faster publication of crucial research findings.

scientific communication, manuscript submission, process optimization, Quick-Check Table, author instructions, European Association of Science Editors, EASE Guidelines, format-free initial submission