European Science Editing 46: e53477, doi: 10.3897/ese.2020.e53477
Proposed universal framework for more user-friendly author instructions
expand article infoSylwia Ufnalska, Alison Terry§
‡ EASE Council member, freelance science translator and editor, Poznań, Poland§ freelance copyeditor, Coimbra, Portugal
Open Access

When preparing a scientific manuscript for submission to a journal, it is often time-consuming to find the journal's specific preferences, which can influence acceptance. We propose that journals include a simple table at the start of their instructions for authors, clearly displaying the essential information, e.g. word count, number of keywords, format of tables and figures. Such a table could be also easily updated as journal preferences change. Thanks to this, the submitted articles would be more likely to meet the basic requirements. We hope this initiative will save time for everyone involved in scientific publishing.

scientific publishing, instructions for authors, user-friendly instructions, scientific journal, science editing, scientific ethics