European Science Editing 46: e52063, doi: 10.3897/ese.2020.e52063
Simplify manuscript submission and optimize authors’ resources by eliminating formatting and cover letters
expand article infoJaime Teixeira da Silva
‡ Independent, Miki-cho, Japan
Open Access
Academics are under constant pressure to optimize their time. Formatting requirements imposed on academics by journals or editors during initial manuscript submission may waste precious time, energy, and financial resources, especially if a paper is desk-rejected, and even more so when there are multiple rejections. Formatting, which does not reflect a manuscript’s academic quality, should not be a requirement during initial submission, but only after a paper has passed peer review and been approved for publication. Several publishers offer a formatting-free option during initial submission, allowing academics to optimize their time and energy.
academic publishing, desk rejection, editorial vs author responsibility, peer review, quality control